Off leash dog training

by Brian DeMartino on January, 14th 2022

This is just a short description about one of my Board & Trains who is in for off leash training. It’s a chilly day out there today but I just did a short session with Charlie on his off leash training. Charlie had ran out of his owners garage and took off into the woods then ran up the block into neighbors yards. Scared the owners very much so he is with me for a few weeks to learn how to respond off leash and is doing awesome!! When owners call me once issues become out of control it’s just because they are uniformed about the way that dogs receive and learn what it is that they want their dogs to do. So I bridge that communication gap by teaching the owners a training system so they then learn how to speak the same language as their dog. That allows the owners to then show the proper type of guidance and direction to their 4 legged family member and have total peace in any situation in a fun and loving way. I will keep you updated on this adorable dogs training progress!

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